Ben is hard at work studying from his first day of class. He’s holed up in our room, door closed picking the recesses of his brain to regather all of that knowledge he’s sort of forgotten over the last few years of not being in school. Me? Well I’m sitting in front of the TV watching The Office on the floor with a stack of magazines, books, and a couple planners in front of me to gather all of the knowledge I can on planning a wedding. Did I mention that I’ve got a wicked case of hives going on right now? If only this stuff could be made up…

This isn’t to say I’ve gone into complete and total wedding mode. I haven’t, I swear. No decisions have been made, we’ve only been engaged for a week and a half now, but despite watching and taking in all of the stuff I could while Beka was wedding planning, it didn’t prepare me for actually planning and orchestrating my own hitchin’.

Last night Beka took me out to go search for a planner, and I came back with a planner, a few magazines (The Knot and DIY Bride), and “The Wedding Book”. She so kindly picked up “Groomology” for Ben, what a gal. It supposedly encompasses “what every (smart) groom needs to know before the wedding”… One can only hope that it includes how to handle a crazy bride-to-be and whatever catastrophes may come up.

 The Knot, how could you go wrong? With 1500 wedding dresses and accessories between these two editions, I’m bound to find SOMETHING I kinda like. 

See, plenty of nerdy, type-A tabs to color coordinate the “likes” between the dresses, colors, DIY favors, and all that itty bitty crippity crud you need to include to throw together the perfect bash.
Now, I’m kinda freaking out.
So I’ll stay out here and learn all I can, as I resist scratching the red hives taking over my flesh. Ben can study his micro-biology. 
I’d take all this stress and hives over micro-biology ANYDAY.