Yup, this post is exactly what you think it is! Another baby announcement!

Here we are knock knock knocking on the end of my first trimester, and I’ve been gunning to share the news. It seemed appropriate to share a punny themed cake, kind of like I did the last one. And somehow after nearly 10 years of writing this blog, I have not shared a carrot cake recipe! For the recipe itself, sorry it will be later this week, but this cake had to be shared immediately – because it’s adorable! And I can’t keep a secret. (Just ask me how me keeping Christmas gift secrets goes…

I’ve got all the answers to the questions you’re probably asking, too! Keep reading!

When are you due?

I’m due September 12th. But “Mid-September” is a much better way to say it, because babies… With Emmett I had to be induced, due to my gestational diabetes, and with this second one I am holding everything very lightly in terms of timing. If you read through Emmett’s Birth Story, and then My Birth Story, you will see why I am taking a different mental approach to a lot of things this time around.

How are you feeling?

It has definitely been a different pregnancy so far. As soon as I found out I was pregnant the nausea hit me fast and hard. And so did the pregnancy brain. And those two things combined are a doozy. Even the simplest things get me, like elevator buttons. I’m hopeless these days.

The mornings are the worst, and I have had to nearly stop drinking coffee because if I have any on an empty stomach I am hovering over the toilet. Cold coffee has been the exception, but it had to be accompanied by something – usually full of carbs. But again, because of my last pregnancy with Emmett, I’m trying to be more carb conscious this time around.

I’m still exhausted – pregnant life with a toddler and all – but I’m starting to get a little energy back, and I’m working out about 4 days a week.

And my sniffer is just going out of control. It should have been a clue to me from the beginning – but one night Ben came to bed with some bag balm on some razor burn he had. I immediately recoiled, saying “What did you do, bathe in gasoline?!” A week later, after I found out I was pregnant. That’s when the lightbulb clicked… I’m just super quick.

Are you going to find out the gender?

Yup! We should be finding out soon. Because of my age, nearing on 35, we will be doing the genetic blood testing like with did last time. This time because I’m nearly considered a “geriatric pregnancy” (also WTF, can we not think of something less awful than that term?!), my midwife and I are moving forward with the testing.

If I had to wait until 20 weeks for the ultrasound I would scream. I can’t live with that kind of unknown! I HAVE TO KNOW!

What foods are you craving?

Carbs. Biscuits. Pretzels. Anything salty. Really, my sweet tooth and love of chocolate has toned itself down quite a lot this time around. Oh, and mandarin oranges have also been a huge thing. I have been eating like 4 a day.

What foods are off limits?

Last time it was spinach. This time, it’s EGGS! I LOVE eggs, too. So me and this kid are officially having our first disagreement. And it’s not all eggs… because I can still make a english muffin breakfast sandwich with an egg, so long as it has lots of ham and an obscene slab of melted cheese to hide the egg. I’m struggling to get the amount of protein I need, and eggs have always been a prime choice for me. Now I’m hitting the cottage cheese and yogurt pretty hard.

The first week after I found out I was pregnant, I made a giant frittata with tons of veggies in it. Spinach (because I figured this time around if there was enough other stuff mixed in I would forget there was any spinach in it at all…), tomatoes, artichokes, cheese, caramelized onion, sausage! One bite, that was all it took. I ended up throwing out the entire tupperware a few days later because I just couldn’t even look at it.

Does Emmett know?

Yes and no. I think he still knows in “theory”, but it definitely hasn’t resonated as a firm fact yet. I’m sure that will come with time, and as my belly gets bigger.

When asked if he wants a baby sister or brother, it waffles back and forth. Either way, I know he’s ready to be a sibling, and he will be great at it.

Does Huck know?

Yes. Of course the old rug knows. He’s beside me to an annoying degree. He’s always had to know where I am, but now he’s with me whenever I leave a room. He waits for me outside of the bathroom when I am getting ready in the morning, follows me from room to room. Poor old doggo has another baby on the way to pester and pet him. And at 12 years old, I’m sure this one is going to send him over the edge.

He’s always been a tolerant and patient old dog, just barely putting up with Emmett’s love, but two kiddos? Send puppy treats. He would appreciate it.

What else is new?

Thankfully, not much else. Unlike last time, we are not house hunting, nor am I writing another cookbook in the middle of this pregnancy. Unless you count car shopping as just as stressful (which I do…). But for the most part, I think we are just rolling with it. We have a couple of little staycation trips geared up for this summer, including a camping trip with the family, and hopefully a few day trips just the three of us. Maybe a babymoon somewhere local-ish. But this time, I’m taking it back a notch and just planning my summer garden with Emmett and taking a slow roll.

What are you doing different this time around?

Trying to stay calm and focused is number one. Because my first pregnancy, labor and delivery, and recovery was nothing of what I expected, and the aftermath of it all was mentally and emotionally taxing on me. I’m trying to be more present this time around and use the lessons I have learned here for good. One is just letting go. I am not going to say that the hormonal roller coaster isn’t going to spin me around and spit me out, but I’m more prepared this time, and that knowledge has helped me a lot. I’m planning on going back to counseling before the baby arrives to do a good check in for myself as I prepare for the new addition and what those changes mean for me, Ben, and Emmett. And, because I have been open with my struggles with PPD and PPA, I am doing this medicated with the help of my care team. Right now, if all goes well and I don’t get the gestational diabetes again, I will stay in the care of the midwives through my pregnancy and delivery of this little one.

That would be a significant win for me.

But I am also planning a course that allows me to acknowledge that my plans may need to shift as we progress, and will go into the care of a doctor instead, along with a different delivery plan this time around. As I said before, Emmett’s arrival was traumatic, so with that in the back of my mind I want to be prepared and have a team with me that has the same strategy I do for welcoming our newest addition. We shall see. Every pregnancy and delivery is different, so I may be pleasantly surprised.

Will you be doing another “How Big Is The Baby?” Series?

YES YES AND YES! If you followed along last time, I tracked the progress of my pregnancy with the size of baked goods, and it was so much fun! I’m determined to do that again, so you will see more and more baked goods popping up monthly. So get ready, the first one will be later this week!

Some of my favorites were the double chocolate creme brulee, and the tiramisu cake roll. SWOON. You can see more of the creations in my Baby Category. And get Emmett’s monthly updates and our birth stories.

But beyond all of this, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have kept up with me through all of these years. I’m beyond thankful for your time, love, and support. Keep me and this tiny spud in your thoughts for a smooth sail.