Apparently, I’m a person incapable of starting and finishing a project. I perhaps can become a bit distracted by things (Huck – stop chewing on that!!), or I try to many things and spread myself to thin so it’s impossible to find time to finish the things I start. My first sewing project was a classic example. If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, my first-ish post was documenting the sewing of an apron…

That apron is still undone, having lost patience in it, and after a few mistakes of my own it’s been tossed aside never picked up again. Well, maybe picked up again? Yeah…I’m fully certain that I will finish it, eventually willing myself to gather the patience to correct the incorrect and then darn it all together.

But, THIS time I will complete THIS project.  And now that I have a deadline in which to complete this project, I’m more certain of it’s completely than ever.  You see, I’m going on a road trip in a couple of weeks with my bestie Sara. We’ve known eachother since college and between her and Beka – there aren’t two girls who know me better. Well, Ms. Sara has moved from Boise to Washington DC, and now it’s time for the rest of her stuff to be moved as well. I’ve over excitedely voluteered for the position as her shotgun to move the rest of her stuff, and her crazy mutt out to DC.

With a lack of space in the fullup car, I’m bringing only a backpack and purse for this adventure – so no big beasty camera bag to tote the big beasty camera I so frequently use.  Seeing as it’s Big Beasty – I can’t leave him at home, so I had to figure out some other way to tote him around without damaging him on his many travels in these planes, trains and automobiles (minus the trains).

So like Batman – To The Fabric Store I went!! Okay, if Batman goes to a fabric store, that’s a little strange, just bear with me…

 And look what I found on sale – Knock Off Coach Fleece Fabric!!! I had to buy three yards of this, and a matching Navy Blue as a backing. I’m only using 1/2 yard for the camera and lense pouches I am going to make. There is another project in the works for someone else with the remaining two yards of gooshy fleece.

See, it’s a passable knockoff!!
After I got home and got moving on this whole thing with my current sewing machine, I started breaking alot of needles – DANG! Another trip to the fabric store to ask the kind ladies about what could Possibly be wrong with my machine, I was informed that it will require a trip to the repair shop. There is a deadline here – no time for repairs! Ahhhh…
So for $40 bucks here’s the temporary replacement.
It will make due, already helping me complete the sewing of one of the pouches.

Two pouches are needed, one for Big Beasty and for Big Beasty’s 75-300 lens.
I know with all this padding it will help protect my baby from all of the knocking, bouncing, jostling around that will occur on this week long excursion.
And to top it off – I found an adorable bag to “tote” my clicker-away-er around in. Yay for Target!!

So, please wish me luck in this. And if you have a little extra patience, can you PLEASE send it my way!!??