I’m from Seattle. I grew up where Startbucks came to be. Starbucks is what we mainline straight to our veins. Or, Seattle’s Best or Tully’s or Terra Vida, or Millstone – ya know we just mainline whatever caffeinated brown liquid beverage we can find. Are we sad? NO.

But with the various ways to prepare your coffee, which way is truly the best? Esspresso? Drip? Americano? Instant? French Press?

(If anyone out there answered instant coffee is the best out there, I don’t know if we can be friends…)

I maintain, firmly – that the french press is the way to go.

With such a splendid invention, he needs a coffee just as splendid.
And the SBC does just the trick. 
C’mon, you can’t even see through that! You know it’s gonna be good.
That’s Seattle coffee done the Right way, and boy howdy is it amazing – just the way a country kid would like it.