This morning I woke up and was smacked with Christmas spirit. I chose not to partake in the bruise inducing chaotic Black Friday mania, staying home instead to bake and canoodle with the mutt. Of course, I shouldn’t forget that Michael Buble made a brief appearance singing Christmas music into my ear and and straight to my soul. Seriously, is there anything that man can’t do? Modern Bing Crosby he is, with a rendition of White Christmas that will turn any girl into a puddle of her former self.
But that’s all beside the point. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and we can officially start to get into the Christmas spirit. So, I did so with a Red Velvet and Peppermint Roll.
Every family seems to have a traditional cake roll of somekind. Mine included. My step-madre’s Fogg Logg is legend.
I figured I could put a more wintery twist on this classic treat.


With a box of Red Velvet mix generously given to me by Duncan Hines as part of the FoodBuzz Tastemakers program, and some chilled wintery air I went to work.
For your grocery list include:
~ 1 box Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix*
~ 3 eggs
~ 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
~ 1 1/4 cup Water
~ 1 brick Cream Cheese, room temp
~ 6 Tbsp. Butter, room temp
~ 1 cup Powdered Sugar
~ 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
~ 3/4 tsp Peppermint Extract
~ Extra Powered sugar for dusting.
Extra Supplies:
~ 2 lint free towels,
(or old clean pillow cases work great!)
For starters, I laid out the tea towels and gave them a hefty dusting of powdered sugar that would act as a releasing agent when the rolls are well, rolled.
After preheating my predictably unpredictable oven to 325F, two jelly roll pans were sprayed with Pam, and lined with parchment. After they were stuck to their respective pans, they were sprayed again and then floured. It’s all essential for getting a crack free roll.
After the batter was mixed according to directions, it was divvied up between the two pans and spread evenly.
Into the oven they both went, being rotated half way through to ensure they were cooked evenly. Here’s a little truthiness for ya’ – the back of your oven if notoriously hotter than the front, so always rotate your baking half way through to ensure it’s cooked well all the way around.
Once they are out of the oven, lay the sugared towels sugar side down over the pan.
Here is where it gets a tad tricky and an extra pair of hands help. Flip the pan over, cake and all allowing it to fall onto the towels with the parchment side up.
After removing the parchment, roll the towel tightly and allow the cool while all snug as a bug in the towel. In the mean time resource yourself a mixer, combing all the remaining ingredients, sugar, cream cheese, extracts and butter, until they are smooth and combined.
Gently unroll the cake from it’s caccoon and slather on the deliciously creamy filling and roll ‘er back up. It’s best to let it chill for at least an hour before serving. But then slice away and try not to hoover too much yourself.
Nothing like a slightly chocolately and teensy pepperminty dessert fit for the holidays!
Now – for the GIVEAWAY!
With Christmas spirit in full swing, and TONS of baking to be done, it seemed appropriate to outfit two lucky people with a few necessary accoutrements to make a few wicked batches of holiday cookies. 
And two mini loaf pans a piece never hurt anybody.
Each includes a dainty little snowflake cutter, statuesque pine tree, perfectly candy colored candy cane, and of course a ginger-dude.
To Enter (Mandatory):
Tell me, what is your favorite holiday tradition?
Are you Christmas Eve gift openers, or Charlie Brown Christmas watchers?
Leave a comment below and you’re entered to wine!
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The winners will be chosen by and notified on Friday, December 2nd.
Good luck and Happy Holidays!

*Obligatory Author’s Notes* The giveaway prizes are furnished by yours truly, because who are we kidding? I love shopping and anything bakeware. The Duncan Hines cake was provided by Duncan Hines and FoodBuzz as part of their Tastemakers Program. But the recipe – is mine all mine. Over and out.