Out of the five weeks that we have now been giving you PW Wednesdays, four of them have revolved around Mexican fair. We’re not obsessed or anything. Between mango margaritas, carnitas, and chicken fried tacos – it only seemed fitting to wrap up this first round of PW Wednesdays with another – White Chicken Enchiladas chosen by Tina.

As per the usual PW fair – it includes plenty of yum-factor. But what comes along with yum? Tight jeans. This recipe is no different. Since Ben was home for the weekend I wanted to cook something special and tasty, and with this one in my back pocket I knew I had to whip it up. Just half though, it was feeding just the dos of us.

With the yum-factor (ie: walrus factor) of any PW recipe, it comes huge batches that take me days to consume. Not unfortunate by any stretch, but now that we’re in the 80-day range of the wedding, I didnt’ want too much chillaxin’ in the fridge as I try (mostly unsuccessfully) to lose those last pounds that won’t. go. away.


To make this recipe a touch healthier, I opted for substituting the corn tortillas for high fiber low carb wraps that are not only healthier, but much tastier in enchiladas. Fluffy flour style tortillas just make enchiladas, corn ones just seem so stiff – like the upper lip of a gin swilling Englishmen. 

And with as much cream as these enchiladas were originally swimming in – I not only halved the recipe, but more than halved the cream/cheese/dairy content of the whole thing with the result still being squishy and dripping with goo, but not so badly that I felt and overwhelming pang of food guilt and fat-pants shame.

The roasting of the peppers was fun to try out on my own. Never having done it before, it was a great reason to break out the grill and give this time tested trick a shot.

With the time taken to roast the peppers, steam them in a bag, peel and chop them – it did take an additional amount of time that the you might not have on a busy summer Little League Wednesday night. In retrospect using the jarred roasted red peppers would be a perfectly suitable substitution. No body would know the difference and you’ll save yourself 30 minutes over the grill.

Semi-home made Sandra Lee would be proud.

In the end, these were a pretty tasty dish. One I would make again, using 2 jalapenos instead of one for the additional heat and adding smoked paprika to give it that extra smoky hint.

With a brand new bottle of Chipotle Tabaso in the fridge, it was dripped and dribbled all over these enchiladas, the smoky flavor and the creamy goo went together like Joni and Chachi.

Yeah, I was a Nick at Nite addict – What of it?

Ben devoured them then asked for more. Anytime that happens, I consider it a win.

Check out the blogs of the lovely ladies below for their takes on this PW classic. I’m sure this will make it into your bi-weekly dinner rotation. A healthified twist on a PW insta-classic.

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