Say it isn’t so – a heathy recipe? Well, healthy-ish. And tasty. And easy. And won’t leave your whole house feeling like a sauna. Always a bonus when Hades has cometh to earth and you’re thighs stick together like gum in your hair.

My point is – just make this. But with a few adjustments.

Gina picked this week’s PW Wednesday recipe and it was a great choice. For week’s we’ve all been lamenting about the sugar highs and highly restrictive jeans that have been leaving judgmental marks on our tummies because of recipes like this, or this, and definitely that. Our inner sugar monger child is thrilled – but we’re the ones who have to do the hours of cardio and pushups to rid ourselves of that unsightly jiggle.

Oh, on another note – I started My Fitness Pal this week. So, if you’re on the program – will you be my friend? *sniff sniff*

Find me, at “Country Cleaver”. Original right? With 39 days ’til the wedding, I’m going hardcore right now and could use all the help I can get. And I’d be totally thrilled to virtually kick your ass right back. Deal? Oh good.

Back to the recipe.

Chock full of plums, and red wine meant this was totally up my alley. The overload of salt in the soy sauce was a big much to handle, even with low-sodium sauce being subbed from the called for regular version.

Thank goodness I drank about a gallon of water after my workout or my rings would still be stuck on my Violet the Blueberry girl fingers… Willy Wonka, ANYBODY?

After an hour and a half in the dutch oven, this was ready to go and I was starving post-workout. It was just what I needed. Normally full on bone in skin-on chicken thighs aren’t my thing but these really were delish.

And if it was possible to make it better, even yummier the next day when I took an extra chicken thigh, tore it to shreds and tossed it on a salad. Food that’s even better the next day – win!! For realsies.

With the three other badasses making this recipe – go check them out and see how they faired. My bet – they all rocked it, too.

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