I think any worker bee in an office environment has to learn to take the joy in the simple things like, office supplies. There isn’t much excitment that can come from a 6×6 cubicle with tan burlapped walls, a slow computer, and a nosey boss who just shows up and hangs on your wall, with the drone that sounds like the boss from Office Space. Do these guys go through a class in that?  Well, as today is my last day at my current office job and construction project, this is a most aptly timed edition of OKMH – The Office edition. Or the office supply edition.  I need some new swag when I start my new project on Wednesday after the holiday weekend.

I plan on maxing out my zen this weekend, because I know when Wednesday rolls around it’s gonna get CRAYYYY.

OKMH - Office Swag 2Allison has a great sense of humor about her when it comes to life, work, and well everything. Sister has to being a teacher. If you can’t laugh at it all – or drink your way through it – you’re doing it wrong. KIDDING!! So to make sure I get my LOL’s in every day, she decked me out in the funnies. I mean Some Ecards post-its? For real. Along with a handy cady of all things blue, gree and white, paper clips, alligator clips and push pins. My favorite colors, naturally.

OKMH - Office Swag 3 I used to be lucky enough to take Huck in tow work with me, but the new job nixed that one… That’s okay though because I still plan on proudly displaying my Labrdork wares for all to see. Lettin’ my Lab Flag Fly!! Holla. My Labrador leash hook will handle all manner of PPE and construction vests and well, it’s a construction trailer so the air fresheners will come in handy for that pesky man smell that I’m sure will be wafting around.OKMH - Office Swag 4 Included in every box of OKMH is the obligatory edible. Or edibleS (multiple) in this case. Allison knows about my spirit flavoring known as the Pumpkin Spice. And homegirl went all sorts of out on this one – as someone who doesn’t like pumpkin or the spice, I’m not sure – I fully applaud and value her making me these treats all the more.

Because let’s review the top item – it’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup made from SCRATCH!! Take THAT Starbucks. I don’t need you anymore! Okay, well maybe sometimes I do, but for this fall – NOPE.

And there’s MOAR!!!

Wait for it.

Still waiting?

Okay, because just one second…. Anddd…. NOW.

She even included her Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows!! Ben has been adding them to his coffee in the morning, and I have been eating them straight out of the package. #noshame. My marshmallows never come out like Allisons, with all this humidity in our Seattle air, they’re always sticky on the outside no matter how much powdered sugar and corn starch I put in. So at least Arizona’s dry, hot as hell heat has something going for it-  You can make wicked tasty mallows and then lay them out in the sun until they toast all in one step!! Winning. 

OKMH - Office Swag 5

So now, I have to put on real clothes to start the day, go to my last day of work and add graham crackers and chocolate to my list to celebrate with Pumpkin Spice S’mores when I get home… This is how you win at life.

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