A new year, means a new adventure – and these women, what more can I saw about my OKMH girls? Nothing, because it’s all been said before. They’re my sisters from other misters. On this, our last OKMH box swap of the year, I was paired with Kirsten of Comfortably Domestic. I’ve known K, for well, years now. It’s weird to say that it’s been YEARS. Such an odd concept when you talk about being friends with someone on a blog – but we’ve met, spent time together, trade texts on baking meltdowns and blogging ordeals. We dream together and laugh together. So I knew when this box arrived it would be something truly special.


Holidays mean parties, eating and cheese. K just gets me in this and well, wanted to make sure my cheese was well looked after and presented in style. I can safely say that my cheese will be the purdiest cheeses on the block.




Every party needs bubbles. And meat. To go with the cheeses. And bubbly meats? C’mon – Prosecco Salami? I’ve never heard of such meaty glory, and I am so excited to dig into it soon. This can’t be saved for some far off special occassion, I need it now. Be gone with you new year resolution, you’re so over rated.


This was necessary for research and development of upcoming projects. As an educator, she knows that proper research is everything.


Last time K sent me my OKMH box she included her famed Chocolate Chipotle Toffee that was so prized, I squirreled it away so that Ben wouldn’t sneak into it and eat it all…Apparently I hid it so well, I just found that jar with the LAST REMAINING PIECE of it in the back of my cupboard as I was doing a winter cupboard clean out… This time, I’m just going to eat them all in one sitting so I don’t lose them again and risk depriving myself of goodness.

god save the cream bowl

As the resident Anglophile of the group, this is just so me. Can you imagine the Queen with a bowl that says God Save the Cream? I mean the woman has to have a wicked sense of humor, and I’m sure she appreciates a good pun when she sees it.

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