After writing for a year, I figure most of you know me pretty well. I’m fluent in sarcasm, addle brained when I haven’t finished my second cup of coffee, say things I shouldn’t, get chaotic in my thoughts, and am completely food obsessed much like my lovable pup Huck. (Wonder where he gets it…)

Somedays the person behind the typing is and who they really are in person gets lost in translation. Most of us bloggers know that the best way to identify with your audience is to write like you speak – it’s a technique that seems to work for us all pretty well. 

But today I’m taking it one step farther. From time to time I’ll be posting a quick video covering recipes I love, tips and techniques of cake decorating, or the occasional pupper picture – why deny the people what they want? More Huck!
Maybe this is all a hair brained idea, but hopefully you’ll indulge me this small feeling of blogging legitimacy. Thanks for putting up with me and hopefully you’ll stick around to see what craziness I’ll whip up next. You’re all rockstars in my book!!