Okay, it might not be Actually sinful per se – but my arteries are protesting heavily. Now what put me in this state was a pan of PW’s Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls. For what that woman has done to me, I hope she suffers a bad hair day and her basset hound Charlie fully adopts their ranch hand as his new person!! Okay, that might be taking it a bit far – but still!

As for my slowly chugging heart, I really hope that Ben doesn’t keel over cause of the four or five he gobbled up this weekend. I think my count stood at four?? But I can’t be sure – they were way to yummy to stop.

The whole project started Friday night, thinking I could have completed them and filled the apartment with yummy goodness to impress Ben when he finally arrived from E.Wa. But forgetting the hour that would be needed to proof the dough, I realized my dreams would die right then and there.

But look at it as it comes together…

And in the morning, these were what was for breakfast… filled with LOTS of artery clogging butter, sugar and cinnamon. *Insert Homer Simpson Drooling Here*

And finally –  
See the maple-y goodness melting off of that bad boy?! Yeah, I’m really glad I spent 6 hours cleaning my apartment today, I think I burned off about 1/2 of one of these???