1) I made it here! – My weekend home is outside Helena. And it’s up a mountain. Let me tell you though, that my poor little 11 year old Honda is a champ. It made it up the mountain with the exception of Larissa’s driveway.

2) We saw a moose in her driveway. And. It. Was. Big! There is a picture on my camera, but sorry you will have to wait.

3) Huck is part of the Labra-dork Three Muskateers. We have accounted for the entire Labra-dork color spectrum, with Huck the yellow, Boone the black, and baby Crockett the chocolate. They are a hot mess.

4) Sam has also brought her three little puppers, Ruby the beagle, Little Guy the Pom-Chi “Thing”, and Yoti the Mini Aussie, aka Coyote bait.

5) Three girls and six dogs – we are the Montana equivalent of cat women.

6) We made it to Great Falls last night and met Ms. Ree. Hot dang was it a great fun night! I just wanted to give her a giant hug, but restrainted myself to avoid looking like some sad psycho obsessive fan…

6a) She sang a mock duet between her and Charlie and My Endless Love – That is what you call “awesome.”

7) I did give her a jar of my Blackberry Grandmarnier Jam and a jar of my Bourbon Apple Butter. I am well aware of the fact that with all the booze I cook with, I look like an alki – but I am not. Rest assured.

7a) I met Ms. Haley from The Girly Girl Cooks last night! She was joined by her Madre, and sister – what an absolutely wonderful group of girls. The meet only further confirmed that we are not just bloggie buddies, but actual friends. She’s totally a rockstar.

8)  It is currently snowing outside. If I get stuck here in Montana, it will not be unfortunate.

9) Huck is being “mauled by Little Guy, the 6 pound Pom-Chi “Thing” and can’t get away. All of this puppy time only further confirms that I require, yes require, another pupper – preferably another Labra-dork.

10) Poor Ben is back at home studying and preparing for finals devoid of my distractions and Huck’s endless store of toys he insists on giving to Ben in hopes of a game of tug o’ war.

11) With March Madness in full swing, I’m sure Ben isn’t getting as much studying in as he’d hope to.

12) Thursday of this week, Ben’s Mama, my future sister in law Michelle and I all went to look at wedding venues. Trezzi Farms (still my favorite), Beacon Hill in Spokane, and A Touch of Country in Rockford, WA. Beacon Hill was lovely, oh my! A Touch of Country was adorable in a hoaky way, but WAY to expensive. But still my heart lies with Trezzi Farms. There are two bottles of their wine in the trunk of my car, which it is very difficult not to cork. I told Ben that I will make sure I save them so he can try them. Maybe we will open them and I will just save a glass out of each for him…. we’ll see how generous I am feeling.

13) Wedding planning is chaotic.

14) But this weekend’s trip has been totally worth the 12 hours of total drive time.

So, tell me – what is the coolest, bestest, and your most favoritest road trip, or state you’ve visited? (yup – I realize this is completely grammatically improper)