I drank the Kool Kid Kool-Aid and for my birthday last month decided it was hightime to transition into the big kids club and purchase myself an iPhone. Seeing as every techie product I’d ever owned were Macs and iPods, I figured the best way to round out the technologies was with a snazzy new myPhone. Yes, it’s a myPhone. Any Simpson’s watchers out there? No? Okay, fine. 
Well, with the myPhone came some fun free apps – of course. Recently I’ve been honing (snicker) my word skills with Words Free and have had my butt handed back to me on a silver platter, regularly.
The other app that has taken over my life? Instagram. Oh man… I’m feeling all sorts of hipster awesome with it. 
Now that I’m not relegated to taking food photos with just my beasty camera wherever I go, I am snapping away and flashing cool treatments all over the place. No subject is off limits. 
So be warned, if you dislike photos of ridiculously gooby seal-eyed labradorks, ie: Huck. Turn away. 
If you hate food – you are totally in the wrong place. 
But if you haven’t caught a glimpse of Ben yet, keep on scrolling… 
Hot man-beast.  
Sorry, don’t mind me.
My boys, rears… You can almost see Huck trot like a pony.

Ma, yu iz wants the teneiz ball? Takes it, I darez yu.

What the heck is this tree? I don’t know, but it’s super awesome.

Steadfast navigator… until 30 seconds later and he falls asleep.

This is where I work, right on Puget Sound. Not a bad place to stroll during the day. 
On a stormy day at the beach.

Om nom nom. A hefty bite out of my Nutella Pecan Pie. It was finished two big obnoxious and unlady like bites later…No one was around. 

Farmer’s lunch with mi madre for my belated birthday lunch. Bread, soup, and fantastic varieties of cheeses? I’d die happily.
And of course, Ben. Oh yeah, me too – but y’all don’t care so much about me. 
There you have it. A peek into my oh-so-romantic and worldly life…Not. But maybe it helped you peek into the madness behind the screen. Hope I haven’t scared you all too badly.