Today is one of those days that I’ve not felt like writing.

Between the chronic exhaustion, the dull quiet days at work, a serious case of writers block, and limp noodle feeling I have coursing through my entire body from working out ridiculously hard the last few days, I’m feeling deflated like a worn balloon and providing you with entertaining stories is not my bag today.

But yesterday, I had a guest post on my friend Kat’s blog, Tenaciously Yours. Kat is one of the spunkiest and most bubbly personalities I’ve ever known. To sum up her blog in a short sentence would be a near impossibility because of everything that her life and blog entails. She drew me in with her Royal wedding fanaticism, her love of coffee, fitness, politics and all of the silly nuances and curveballs that life throws your way – putting a hilarious and brutally truthful spin on it all. The girl is just freakin’ hilarious, that’s all you really need to know.

As she is on her honeymoon right now – Europe, btw – she asked me and several other bloggers to post about the hilarity in our own lives – mine being my wedding planning, or lack of planning.

Feel free to stop over and say “Hi” to my sister in Royal Family fanaticism and utter Truthiness, Kat.

Megan’s Tenaciously Yours Guest Post – Traits I Got From my Mother