I’m thrilled to tell you all today about the newest features here on Country Cleaver! I’ve partnered with ZipList that will help YOU plan your meals, save time and discover all sorts of new recipes that will fit your busy schedule and your family’s taste buds!

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In the recipe section of each Country Cleaver post you will now see a handy dandy “Save” button located right next to the already present “print” button. Now you have two options, print now or save for later! Click this little recipe box beauty to store all of your favorite recipes to a dedicated box just for you. In your recipe box through ZipList you can plan your meals, add all the ingredients to a shopping list, and find and organize your shopping trip and save money without coupon clipping all in one spot.

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The meal planning feature is super handy and a spot you can organize, or reorganize your week’s dinner planner however you see fit. Want Cantaloupe Bruschetta on Tuesday instead of Friday? Just shuffle it over and you can update it in a snap – even sending it to your Google or iCal! Nifty!

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And it gets better – you can have ZipList on your Apple or Android Smart phones, so you can take your shopping list and recipe box with you. It’s as simple as a tap of a button, using it just like your recipe box right at home!  It sure beats the illegibly written Post-It shopping list your honey wrote down for you in smeared chicken scratch writing doesn’t it?!

Discover all of the great ways to make your meals work better for you through Ziplist! Click here to sign up – it’s FREE of course – and get to saving, sharing (on Facebook or Twitter!) and cooking up your favorites recipes in a snap!