A little later in the adventures of the Bite of Seattle, Beka and I stumbled upon a Gator on a Stick stand.

Gator on a stick, you say? Yes, I do. And let me tell you, I thought my life was complete with Nutella shots and crepes. But this might have almost matched it. (I say ALMOST. ‘Cause who am I kiding, it’s Nutella, nothing can beat it)

But for 7 bucks I had to give this gator a shot. Beka being the kind soul she is chronicalled this culinary adventure expression by expression – none of them being particularly kind to me. But, what is a bestie for besides humiliating you on film?

First bite.
Almost there… See the skeptisism?

Tasting, evaluating, and *Drum Roll Please*…
Tasty Tasty Gatory Bliss.