There are two things I love – color and trying new things. There are definitely two things I hate – and those are going shopping, and wasting money on a gamble, which I used to think make up was. I mean, c’mon there is nothing worse than dropping $25 on a new eye liner that well… how do I say this, blows?

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that much with Julep. If you’re new to Julep, it’s a Seattle based brand – wooot local! – and they pride themselves on superb products, including nail polishes that are vegan! No harsh chemicals, things you can’t pronounce and dare we say they are formulated to be good for your nails? Can ya dig it?

Check out what I got in this months’ subscription!Julep Makeup Review - Luxe Up Your Lips Gloss in Poppy

Yes, another post-dog walk selfie of me with ratty hair – sorry. When I get these packages in the mail, I just dig in and don’t worry so much about what I look like. But focus on the lipstick here! I’ve avoided lipsticks all my life because they make my lips feel sticky, and then look dry and crackled when it settles in. But this Julep “It’s Balm” is sincerely my absolute favorite lipstick/balm. The pigments are absolutely RIDIC, and look at that – that’s one coat. If you’re looking for that elusive perfect red lipstick, I have this balm in Cardinal Red and in this Fuschia, it’s just too much pretty to handle.

Then there is the Luxe Up Your Lips in Poppy – delightful and good for your lips. Definitely not the norm in lipglosses. Plump up that pucker, lovely!
Julep Makeup Review - Nail Colors and Performance Top Coat - AMAZING!!

But when it comes to Julep, I am hands down a sucker for all of their nail colors. The three I got in my box this time – which I did buy myself an extra one – was the Vanna (it’s white, get it?!), Alaina (the nude color), and the Caitlin (in that pink!).

Then, the Top Coat? I don’t know about you, but a good top coat is a tough one to find. It’s a top performer, as the name indicates, and like the rest of the Julep line – its vegan. For as often as I keep my nails painted – all the time – I don’t want formaldehyde, and who knows what else parked on my nails! Julep makes sure I can rest comfortably with nail polish that is practically good for you.

And then, obviously, the nail decals had to happen. Look at them!

Well that’s it for this month’s Julep box. I’m a big fan, and I wouldn’t tell you about it unless I loved it. This is definitely one splurge that you won’t be disappointed with – FULL SIZE, Vegan and mega-mazing!

If you’re interested in trying Julep out yourself, and ditching those other sample-size only makeup subscriptions, click here and sign up! Freshen up your face, and try something new. This is one treat that really is a sure thing.
Julep Makeup Review - Luxe Up Your Lips Gloss in Poppy

*fine print* – I talk about things I love, and all opinions are my own. I paid for this with my own cold hard cash, and believe in this local brand and their products. This does contain a referral link, so if you sign up, I get a discount. Not much but, it’s another nail polish or two for my already cramped caddy.