Last weekend I made an overnight trip to Spokane to see the Loggers and Ms. Corinne and her hunny Aaron. And while making that four and a half hour drive from Seattle to Spokane I realized something, that eastern Washington is where my inspiration lies. Maybe I’ve known this all along but never really vocalized it in an out loud and abrupt way.  When I realized that I haven’t been taking my “nice”, not-so-everyday photos a light bulb came on and made me think and wonder what I’d been missing.

In Seattle, it’s a big city full of not-so-open spaces, a Starbucks on every corner, and endless streams of cars and traffic. It’s not the same as “the eastside” of the state. After crossing over those gorgeous Cascade mountains Saturday morning and seeing the transition from leafy trees to burly bull pines I felt an immediate sense of relaxation and pressure being lifted off of my being. Is that weird? Has anyone else ever experienced this?

This weekend was one was one full of busy bee activities, so there was not much picture taking to be done, so I wanted to recap some of the photos I’ve taken in the past of this side of the state that Ben and I love and miss so much.  Each picture has a story behind it. Whether it’s the dilapidated houses that at one point were a home thriving with family and laughter, or barns that held the necessities to a farming life. Or the small town parades that small children wait all year to see. It’s a moving and emotional to see these small towns in Nowheresville, America. These scenes happen everyday and it’s something to not be missed.