Learning how to roast peppers adds a great smoky flavor to any recipe! It’s simple and can be done on the stove, in the oven, or on the grill!

Chooo-Chooo!! The flavor train is rollin’ in friends – better hop on! Sorry about that. But not really. I’m still recovering from a weekend of cahoots and a lack of decent sleep so I say silly things. (What’s new?)  There was not enough coffee in a Seattle Starbucks to wake me from this zombie like state. Pretty sure that not one person I talked to yesterday was having a good Monday – so let’s turn it all around and learn something new!

And delicious. Two of the best things.

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

Roasted peppers have a great fiery and sweet flavor to them. For this how-to I went with basic red bell peppers. But roasted poblanos – ohhh mama – divine! The steps to roast a bell pepper are the same for any other variety, so pick your favorite, maybe something with a little heat and go to Flavor Town, Population YOU!  Sorry again – remember loopy.

Pre-heat your grill and clean the grates. Slather your peppers with olive oil on all sides, placing them onto the grill to begin to roast.

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

Grill baby, grill!

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

Cover with a lid, checking your peppers every few minutes, turning them when the skin starts to blacken.

Depending on your grill – it may take more or less time. I left them for about 5 minutes every side – but we use one of those cheap little tailgaiting BBQ’s… And this is why I wanted to get Ben a full size grill for the wedding. Nope, Mr. Practical wanted a CHEST FREEZER instead. Maybe the grill was more of a wedding gift from me, for him for me…but there is no need to slice hairs here – a good grill is a must have!

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

If you don’t have a grill – you can always roast your peppers under your broiler on a baking sheet, or if you have a gas range, you can plop each pepper right on top of the burner and roast it from there! Super handy.

Just repeat the char, rotate, char, rotate procedure and the results are perfect every time. This is such a versatile trick you can’t lose. And plus, roasting your own peppers just sounds impressive.

Yes, quite.

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

Once the peppers have roasted on all sides, place them into a plastic bag and seal them to steam. Steaming allows the skin to release from the meat of the peppers for easier peeling. Let them rest about 30 minutes, or until cool enough to get your mitts on them.

No burns here please!

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

The skin will peel off in sheets, just peel and discard.  Along with the skin, remove the stem and the seeds inside the pepper.

When roasted pepper meat is all that remains you’re ready to go! Place your pepper on a panini, into pasta, mince add into a burger mix, or toss some in to your tomato sauce, or even onto a southwest pizza with grilled chicken! GASP, I think there is a pizza in my future!

How To Roast Peppers - homemadehome.com

So get your grill on and roast something other than your skin this summer! Peppers are so much better than sunburns. Just sayin’.

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