Make your own DIY Balsamic Glaze, it will take your dishes to a whole new level! And it’s only one ingredient! 
DIY Balsamic Glaze

I food driven magpie. It’s awful. Instead of being attracted to shiny things, its food. Lately it’s been all about the balsamic glaze and Thai food. Right now I’m on a SERIOUSLY concerning Thai food bender. Ben might need to break out the intervention banner soon. Just wait for the recipe I have for you for healthy Thai food next week. I’m still eating it as lunch leftovers – I can’t get enough. But I digress – because my focus today is Balsamic Glaze. I could sip this with a straw!!

Maybe the intervention banner isn’t far off…

But there is a reason for it – Balasamic Glaze is amazing!! I’ve seen it in stores for outrageous amounts. I saw a 6 ounce bottle for $15. You be jokin’, right? Pass. Nab yourself a bottle of regular ol’ balsamic vinegar and make your own for a fraction of the cost!!

How to Make Balsamic Glaze -

I have a supply of balsamic vinegar on hand at all times. This one from STAR is my favorite.

To make the glaze, get a sauce pan, or skillet and a bottle of vinegar. Over low or medium low heat, pour 1-2 cups of vinegar into the sauce pan. This will reduce ALOT, so use double the amount of vinegar you want to end up with.

If you need ½ cup glaze, use 1 cup of vinegar.

How to Make Balsamic Glaze - 2 I prefer using a round bottomed sauce pan or skillet, because the vinegar won’t get stuck in the corners and burn. Bring the vinegar to a VERY light simmer, make sure it’s steaming and gorgeous. Constantly stir the vinegar until it begins to reduce.

My tell tale sign to tell you when it’s done – is to keep your eye on the edges of the pan. The stickier and more “glazy” the vinegar gets, it will start to stick to the sides of the pan a little more. The more syrupy it is, the closer it is to done!

When your vinegar is nice an syrupy, it’s done!! Remove it from the heat and let it cool.
DIY Balsamic Glaze -

And that’s all there is to it!! Remember, low heat and a round bottom pan or skillet. That’s how I get fail proof balsamic glaze every time and you can too.
My favorite way to eat balsamic glaze is over roasted brussels sprouts. AH-Mazing!! Give it a try today for dinner.
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Make Your Own Balsamic Glaze - Making your own glaze takes your dishes to a whole new level!! And it's so simple!