No more throwing away produce! Learn the the trick on how to keep lettuce fresh in your fridge without it wilting. 

Dish Count :: 1 Paper Towel, 1 Gallon Bag

How to Keep Lettuce Fresh -

No more sea monsters in your fridge because you didn’t store your veggies properly! Before Ben moved in, losing lettuce to the environment of the fridge was always one of my biggest food storage sins. Between that, and losing bunches and bunches of cilantro – I thought I was just throwing money away! But once I figured out how to keep cilantro fresh for weeks from my mom, Ben showed me how to keep my lettuce fresh, too!

First, unwrap your newly purchased lettuce from the store. Unwrap the first leaf of lettuce from the outside and discard it. Or feed it to your lettuce loving Labrador… like HuckHow to Keep Lettuce Fresh -

Next, grasp your head of lettuce like you’re palming a basketball. Resisting the urge to dunk it into whatever bin is nearest. With the stem at the bottom of the lettuce, using a firm whack, hit the lettuce onto the counter. How to Keep Lettuce Fresh -

Turn the head of the lettuce around and you should see a few cracks around the bottom of the stem and a few leaves. Using your fingers, grasp around the stem and pull – hard.

The stem will come out and leave each leaf perfectly wrapped in a little lettucey ball ready for your next sandwich. How to Keep Lettuce Fresh -

To keep it fresh in your fridge, and stave off the sea monster properties, use the paper towel to wrap around the head of the lettuce, and store in your gallon bag. The paper towel will wick away any condensation that will prematurely wilt your lettuce and give you a sad desk lunch the next day.

All you need to do is peel back one perfect lettuce leaf at a time for your sandwich and you’re ready to go! How to Keep Lettuce Fresh -

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