Summer is here, the kids are out of school and it’s time to celebrate everything that the summer has to give. We finally have a chance to enjoy the sun and spend good quality time with those around us. This is what summer is all about! And while you’re at it, bring your friends over for a shin dig. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to cost you and arm and a leg. Hosting a party can be so easy with a few easy tips and tricks – and stuff you probably already have around your house!


You know that one piece of china that never gets brought out, except for holidays and special occasions? It’s perfect with a few colorful glasses, with matching color tones to host a great garden party – which are all the rage right now. Pair up finger foods, mini tea sandwiches and don your favorite fascinator for a stepped up bridal shower event. Just don’t forget the cheese! Cracker Barrels line of cheeses are perfect for any event and really go well with grandma’s wedding china for your garden party. Set your cheese along side season fruits, like strawberries with some Cracker Barrel White Cheddar for a sweet and savory combination that is out of this world.


But don’t stop there. Add grapes, crackers, and herbs to the mix. Dried apricots are really fun along side Cracker Barrel Marbled Cheddar and dried cherries go well with the spiciness of the Cracked Pepper Cheddar.

For a final touch of class – set up a sauce station that has balsamic vinegar, or flavored honeys to go with your cheese and fruit. Add a subtle sweetness to the mix.

For a more bright and casual event, track down those bright and colorful margarita glasses from you Cinco de Mayo party! Set your favorite cheese tray up with sweet and spicy peppers, and fresh herbs like cilantro!


Don’t forget the wine either! Cheese and wine are a natural pair, and picking out the perfect pairing is half the fun. For light cheddars, a crisp Pinot Gris can be really refreshing with white cheddar and strawberries. For a cheese tray with Cracked Pepper and Mediterranean Herb Cheddars, try something a little darker and bolder. There really is no wrong answer, so pick set out a few bottles for your friends to choose from and compare notes!

Cracker Barrel is a staple and center piece of a good cheese tray. Try a variety of cheese and see which ones you like best. I’m positively smitten with Cracker Barrel white cheddar with strawberries and balsamic vinegar and the cheddar with pistachios and cherries combos.

Which one would you like to try?


*This post is part of a continued partnership with Cracker Barrel Cheese. All opinions are my own.*