Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I hope you’re all feeling fat and happy and positively filled with sugar and Christmas spirit. And maybe a little boozy egg nog, too. This is what Christmas is all about. That and the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you sir, you really give us a reason to party hard every year and celebrate well, You! You rock, just so you know.

Well, I’m spending Christmas with the fiance and his family in his tiny no-stop light town of Fairfield, Washington. And oh holy goodness do I love it here. Not a stop light to be seen and the six cars that passed us on our walk this morning meant that it was absolute chaos and congestion. My type of town. Oh, and when I can actually see the stars at night without their beauty being drowned out by city street lamps – it’s a good day. Or night as it were.

This morning we decided to trapse off a few of the cookies we’ve stuffed our faces with, walking a good 5K around town (the entire town). Since it didn’t sound like too much fun to tote the big camera around, I opted for the iPhone. iPhone, what would I ever do without you? After taking about 10 different photos, I wanted to share with you my favorites, hoping they will illustrate the allure of this tiny town. It is small. It’s glory days may be behind it, but only time will tell. And hopefully someday, we’ll be back here and be able to see the transition day in and day out.

Happy Christmas again, everyone! Thank you for all the support and foodie love this year. I can’t wait to hear all about your holidays and what Santa (or your honeys) bought you for Christmas. Ben’s got an uphill battle trying to upstage last year’s gift! Sorry, babe!