Everything is better with flair. Why not add that necklace to that outfit? Why not add some garnish to that dish? Well, the same thing applies to the jam from yesterday. I was at that moment, content with my basic jam jars for the MS Ride Fundraiser – but then that contentment ceased.

You always see adorable labels decking our your favorite jams, and adorable gingham print under the rings. I had to do the same. After hours of searching online for labels that I could just add my print too, I gave up and decided to make my own.

After a run to the office supply store for some basic labels, a little clip art and fun font, I was off to the races.  Now there are som elaborate label templates on the web if you know where to search. Heck, even Ms. Perfect Herself Martha Stewart has free label templates that you can use. But making it yourself, despite the simplicity of them, I think was much more rewarding and personal.

I love me that Palouse wheat – so some green wheat made the cut.

And a brown cow? He’s country enough!

And what would fun labels be without fun fabrics under the rings?
I hit up the fabric store on the way home from work too. Small packs of quiliting squares in various fun exhuberant patters were just the key to really tie it all together. Just enough embelishment to make it my own. 

I hope that these jars will be warmly recieved. The cause that they are going to is good one, one that might, one day make someone’s worst nightmare go away.