It was our mid-week date with the girls and we were feeling the need to get fat and happy by porking out on cookies and the delicious raw dough. The first rounds of cookies were Spritz cookies, where Beka got to break out the wedding swag!

I like when my friends get married, they get cool stuff, I get to use it and I don’t have to store it at my place. And when they get new sets of dishes, there are free sets abound. I got a rockin’ set of glasses earlier this year when Beka got hitched. Free is for Me!
But, back to my original story. There were the spritz cookies, but there were also these soon-to-be doughy beauties. Paula Deen has her Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies made with chocolate cake mix and cream cheese. If you’ve never tried these, you really really should. They are fluffy, gooey, and chocolately heaven. Do yourself a favor – just make them.
After making these for the last couple of years, Beka ventured out and created her own. Instead of the Paula Deen-way she swapped yellow butter cake for the chocolate and instead of the required vanilla flavoring she switched it for almond extract. They are light and squishy, perfection.

They required us to let them sit for and hour in the fridge, and in the mean time baked all the necessary spritz cookies. 

While Beka was busy, I got a hold of the beater. It wasn’t long until it was licked clean…don’t judge me!

See, spritz cookies. Considering I have five non-stick cookie pans in my apartment we had to resort to the old pizza pan with no stick on it so those little things would actually stay on the pan properly. Go figure.
I knew there was a reason I never throw out any of my baking stuff.

After that horrifically LONG hour of waiting for the butter cookies in the fridge, we broke them out and got on with rolling them in powdered sugar and plopping them on one of my nice non-stick cookie pans.

But only about half of the dough made it on the pan…the other half might have gone straight to Beka, Kandace’s and my stomachs…
And heavenly light shone down, and it was Gooood.