Moe. J-eye. Toe. Moe. Jee. Toe. Mo. Hee. Tow. – Mojito, baby!

We are rolling into day 2 of Cocktail Week m’friends and today’s selection will not disappoint. The Cocktail Week Homegirls from the Motor City State (Michigan) and the land of the Frozen Tunda (Minnesota) are bringing us two slam back thank you ma’am  sippers that will have your taste buds tingling and the salvatory glands on high alert. In a good way.

Like when you eat Sea Salt and Vinegar chips and you get that little tingle of anticipation and you just can’t help but gleek a little knowing you’re about to consume heaven in a potato chip bag?

But this is in drink form… wow. *crickets* Okay weird analogy I guess – but the sentiment remains the same. You just feel the gravity of the sipping situation and realize – You. Need. These. In. Your. Life. YESTERDAY.

Kirsten, our Michigan Mama hails from the land of cherries – and deemed it only necessary and appropriate to bring us a Traverse City Cherry Mojito. See my tangy salvatory action analogy wasn’t completely off now was it? Tangy cherries, fresh mint and rum? You can feelz it now –  pop and locking all the way past your lips and down to your tummy now can’t you?

And drinko numero dos comes from the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota and our lovely lady running fiend (and fellow Royal-aholic), Kat of Tenaciously Yours!

Girlfriend and I have bonded over the last year and a half over food, workouts, anything William and Kate and just know that we are destined to be Kate’s best friend for life, no really I had a dream about it. Not to mention our mutual use of her as our style-Goddness-on-a-budget-beacon.

Today she is brining us a classy beverage that Will and Kate would be proud of – Amaretto Sours.

Cheers Pretty Lady!!

Take a jaunt on over to these girls over yonder and see what they are shakin’ up. Revel in the glory. You know you wanna.

And don’t forget that there is a KitchenAid Blender – in their newly launched color – Crystal Blue up for grabs here on WBACC this week!

Cocktail Week isn’t complete without a bad ass and beautiful blender!