*I know we are all gearing up for Thanksgiving, but I’m setting my sights on a big game day! So let’s switch gears from the turkey talk and do some game day treats! This post is sponsored by Farm Rich, and all opinions are my own. Great companies like this keep me keepin’ on.* 

Our family’s most favorite time of year is upon us. No, it’s not Turkey day… it’s Apple Cup! Ben and I are both Washington State University alums, and Friday after Thanksgiving is the annual cross state rivalry game with our nemesis, the University of Washington Huskies. Now, I know from years of experience, that we live our lives built on a sense of hope that is impossible to extinguish, despite our knowing that we are more than likely to eat it at the last minute. It’s what we all know as “coug-ing it”. But this year, with our optimism intact, albeit delusional by some standards, here we are ready for another game, and at 10-1, and ranking at 7 in the top 25 college football rankings – which is unprecedented – I’m going to revel in it, cheer on my team, and eat a ton!

There will be a spread of delicious game day food made up of  Farm Rich special edition Bean Dip Bites, sliders, chips, beer, and more, a wager between me and my dad, and hopefully some victory dancing at the end.

The family tradition of my dad and I betting $20, a six pack of the winner’s favorite beer, and the loser wearing the winning team’s hat the rest of the night, goes back to my college days, 14 years ago. (Sorry, let me let that sink in… 14 years? Omg I got old!) My dad and I went to Apple Cup, and decided we needed a standing bet. That’s what we ended up agreeing to, victory for one, shame for another, and a square $20.

We haven’t always been able to watch the game together, and there have been years that we let the bet roll on to the next year. But this year…

The thing about the Apple Cup is that we love our team, no matter what, we aren’t fair weather fans, being a Coug means that you roll with it from year to year no matter what, through those highs and lows. This year, is an exceptional high, and I hope that we can absolutely prove once and for all our worth.

I’ve got plans in place to bring out a spread for the game. For game day, I like to keep the traditional food alive, chips and dips, beers, and anything easy to pick up. But there is always room for new treats at the table. I’ve already stocked up ahead of the Thanksgiving chaos, on my Farm Rich snacks, especially a few boxes of their NEW special edition Bean Dip Bites and Avocado Slices! The Bean Dip Bites are stuffed with 100 percent real Mozzarella cheese, pinto beans, red and green jalapeños, diced tomatoes and green onions in a crunchy coating, and also come with a Creamy Salsa Dip in the box. These are great solo with dipping, or adding them to sliders like I did for a south of the border flair. They are crispy, cheesy, easy to make, and easier to grab and snack on in between plays. If you’re like me, enjoying the game from home is the way to go. You don’t need to go through all the hassle of getting to a game to enjoy a good matchup packed with family, friends and FOOD. And Farm Rich takes the work out of party prep with tasty, quick and convenient snacks that put the fun on the food table.

If you’re looking for a new snack to add to your game day spread, go find these Bean Dip Bites at your local Walmart in the frozen section, along with any of the other great Farm Rich line up of snacks (Mozzarella Sticks, Loaded Potato Skins, Grilled Cheese Sticks and so much more). For game day eats, coupons and product updates, also be sure to sign up for the Farm Rich email club.

I’ve got my WSU t-shirt ready, and snacks stocked up. Let’s do this! Go Cougs!