It is finally Friday. Can I get an amen?! To start this weekend off on the right foot, I thought it was only right that we also kick it off with a massive giveaway in preparation for the release of my first cookbook – Cast Iron Gourmet!

The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway_1

The sole premise of this book, and my passion in cast iron cooking is to make incredible meals with fewer dishes and my essential cast iron set is what I am giving away!

90 percent of the book was cooked in two different pans, and they are the ones I would have used in my home whether or not I was writing a book at all. They truly are my favorite pans and the essentials of my kitchen.

So, I’m spreading the love. As part of my over-excitement with the book coming out in August, I wanted to giveaway the pans and accessories I use to keep my pans in tip top shape.
The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway

One is my 6 quart enameled dutch oven. It goes in the oven, on the stove, can go in the fire, or on the grill. Its my everything. And you can win one, too!

The first piece of cast iron I ever received was from Ben, and it was THIS red dutch oven! It is what got me through this book. It’s what has cooked us many a stews, braised many a beeves, and pork shoulders.

But then there is this gorgeous Caribbean blue. Or there is poppy, and purple.

The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway

I mean, the choices. As the most indecisive person on the planet, I couldn’t pick just one. Which is why I also have the poppy colored one, too. It was a wedding gift that I absolutely cherish.

And YOU the winner get to pick what color you get! 

And what kitchen doesn’t need a cast iron skillet? Simple, sturdy? For the two of us at home the 10″ skillet does the majority of the work. So why not add one of those into the essential giveaway? I thought so.

The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway

My OXO tongs were in constant use through the making of Cast Iron Gourmet. I have multiple pairs and wouldn’t pick another pair for anything. I used these plastic tipped ones because they could go between my skillet and my enameled cast iron and not risk scratching the porcelain coating and were strong enough to hold up to any cooking situation.

But then there comes the cleaning! Scrappers and this scrubber definitely qualify as “essentials” to keeping up your cast iron. Plastic scrapers get rid of the big hunks that might stick to your pans, and the bristled brush will finish the job of washing and removing any bits or grease or food. The key to keeping your cast iron for years is proper maintenance so why not add these in?!

Now, really – how do you enter? The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway

Here are the details! 

I will be picking a winner on cookbook release day – August 29th! So get moving and don’t miss out on this great deal for the book. Once you are selected for this boat load of cast iron goodness, I will email the randomly selected winner for all their deets and get everything ordered and shipped out ASAP so you can start your cast iron journey!

Thank you so much for all the support, cheers, and sharing in the excitement of this book. And I can’t wait to share this all with you soon!

The Essential Cast Iron Gourmet Giveaway_1

*Fine Print* This giveaway is sponsored entirely by me, myself, and I. I really do use these pieces in my kitchen and want to share them with you. The winner will have 48 hours to get back to me once they are notified of being the winner, or another will be selected. So be on the lookout! Also, this post contains affiliate links if you just want to pick up some of my favorite essentials and not wait! I don’t blame you.