IMG_5831It’s been nearly two weeks – and I’m still not recovered yet. What a whirlwind of a weekend down in Austin Texas! And I owe it all to Star Fine Foods. Early morning flight? Done. Coffee in abundance? Check. Zero sleep? Totally worth every moment. And making memories with old friends and new? Perfection.


(Top Photo – Sheila, Liz and Katie — Bottom Photo – Lauren, Me, and Laurie)

Being at a food blog conference is like being at camp – late nights, fun stories, giggles abound, and stories for a life time! This year at BlogHer Food was no different. When 500 food bloggers get together – it gets a little cray cray.


In between the hugs, laughs, and food there was so much to learn from Todd and Diane on how to perfect your cell phone photography to how to write a cookbook proposal! Hey, it could be fun, right? I left each session renewed, inspired and ready to tackle my next blogging challenge.

I could listen to Todd and Diane speak at every blog conference from here ’til the end of blogdom, and never tire of them. Their sincerity and the absolute joy they take from their work amazes me time and time again. I even got to practice a little bit of my handy work after their session. What do you think? I went a little food prop crazy at Uncommon Objects. I’d blame Jeanne, but all she did was take me into the store. It was me who spent $20 on a knife and fork. #worthit #donttellben #Bendontreadthis



Austin is a town I can’t wait to get back to – full of stores to stroll and cupcakes to eat. The guys at Hey Cupcake were so kind and presented us with the happiest of mini cupcakes. I swear the Austin Hospitality is just too much, I melted. When someone gives you cupcakes, you don’t ask questions.  And let’s not even get started on the BBQ, because only having Stubb’s once while I was in town was an absolute shame. The BBQ was great, but only having it once was the shameful part. When you’re in Austin You Eat ALL THE BBQ!


And I guess when I say that a blog conference is like camp – I should really clarify and say that it was more like living on Real World – remember that show on MTV, when it had decent-ish programs and still played music? Our condo was above a bar, right on 6th street… Sorry about that one girls, poor planning on our part. But dang was it FUN! It was a sleep over every night!


Catching up with such a treat! I mean how can you not have a good time with all these girls?! BlogHer Food - Closing Party(Top Photo – Lauren , Jessica, Tina, Me, Amanda, Jenny. Bottom Photo – Liz, Katie, Laurie, Lauren, Me, Sheila, Jeanne)

Of course there is always time to squeen in a hug with Ms. Ree and Jaden. Gems, I tell you GEMS!  IMG_5961

But once it was time to come home, I was ready to hug my boys. As much fun as I have traveling, the best feeling is always coming home.

I think Huck agrees, too. No one scratches ears like the Mama.

Thank you again so much STAR for making my trip to Austin. possible. Also – be sure to check out my side bar through the rest of the month of JUNE – STAR is giving away a trip to the Mediterranean! I mean, really who couldn’t use a gorgeous vacation!! Cheers!