You have spoken, there were some seriously wonderful recipes that you have been searching for this year! There were so many wonderful recipes this year, there is too many to count – but these top ten from 2014 capture the best that this year has to offer. PS – A third of them are How-To’s! See which ones!

Smoked Salmon Seattle Hot Dog - The cream cheese is a GAME CHANGER!

1) The most searched for recipe in 2014 was Favorite Three Bean Salad. I can tell you, it’s one of my favorites of the year, too. I still make this and take it in my lunch. It’s so full of protein and fiber. Just think of it as helping with your new 2015 detox.

Favorite Three Bean Salad - Packed with protein and fiber -

2) Your favorite How-To of the year was How To Make DIY Frozen Hashbrowns! Because, honestly, who doesn’t love hashbrowns?

DIY Frozen Hashbrowns -

3) Um, how can’t you fall in love with this? I’m so glad you guys picked this Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Skillet Brownie as a favorite for 2014. We can still be friends.

Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Skillet Brownie -

4) You guys do like your How-To’s! Which is fine by me, because it’s my favorite series on this blog. Balsamic Vinegar is so versatile, you will make a bunch just to keep on hand!

DIY Balsamic Glaze -

5) Homemade Chocolate Pudding Mix is a great homemade gift, and it’s a whole food treat to keep at home for the kids! Try this out asap!

DIY Chocolate Pudding Mix -

6) Girl Scout Cookie time will be upon us before we know it! You guys totally digged, dugged, loved these No Bake Tagalong Peanut Butter Cheesecakes.


7) Take that Toaster Struedel! These 20 Minute Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes hit the most epic of home runs. Take a swing at these immediately if you haven’t yet.

8) Remember that time that I sang an ode to beignets to the tun of Prince’s Raspberry Beret? If you made these Raspberry Beignets, you completely understood why.

Authentic Beignets with Raspberry Sauce -

9) You guys are my people, you love doughnuts. And you also totally loved the Bismark Doughnuts. There was some debate as to if they are called Boston Cream Pie Doughnuts, or Bismark like here in the PNW. But whatever you call them, they’re awesome!


10) And rounding out the last of the Top 10 of 2014 is How to Freeze Cakes and Pies! With a third of your favorites from this year being how-to’s, you know you’ll be getting plenty more in the new year! Be sure to leave a comment for any how-to’s that you want to see in the next 12 months.

How to Freeze Pies and Cakes -