Last year’s first attempt and adventure into apartment gardening was well, an experience. I’d been wanting to stretch my patience muscle and dig my flanges into some dirt. After moving back to Western Washington after college, I had been severely lacking in dirt under my nails.
Thankfully there was Ben, sweet patient farmer man who knew (and still knows) everything about farming, leading me down the proper gardening path. 
What an epic disaster it would have been without him. 
But now that he has given up his life as a farmer and moved over to the Greater Seattle area to be with me and go back to school for nursing, we (mostly I) wanted to make sure we were able to keep a steady layer of dirt on our hands while we reside in the big bad city.
There was a bit of a redesign for the garden this year to maximize the exposure our poor little plants will get on our second floor deck. Last year there were hanging baskets, but this year we opted for “over the rail” planters. 
Just like last year, we (read: I) pilfered rocks from the drainage areas around the complex to ensure some extra drainage. Seattle get a lot of rain if you didn’t know…

Huck felt like helping too. Trusty hound.

And here is the selection. Three varieties of tomato, including Early Girls and Romas. Four spinach plants, four basils, cilantros, and rosemary. This is going to be fabulous! The sun just needs to give me a little break so this baby will flourish!

This is one of our over hanging planters. Unfortunately it’s a little askew due to the rails on the balcony, but beggars can’t be choosers when we pay “cheap” rent.
Either way – this will be a fabulous gardening year. I can just feel it!! 
Now – to go get some more dirt under my nails. Over and out!