This might be a couple days late, but oh well. Because what I have to rave about is some good home cooked Czech food and time with my Grandma. For those who might not know, my mom and Grandparents came to the US as refugees in the late 60’s during the occuation of the Czech Republic. With that they brought over their love of their home cooked food and lots of stories.

Every time my uncle and I go over for a visit, we always ask for the same thing…and I do mean always. Dumplings, roasted pork, sweet and sour red cabbage, and her Matzo ball soup. If there was ever a request I could make for a last meal – this would be it. So what is a post about food without some pictures to go with it?

* Warning – My Food Photo skills are still pretty rudamentary, but you get the idea *

How good to those dumplings look?! There are pieces of bread mixed in with that carby deliciousness already. And they are perfect every time. I just can’t get over it.

And look at this pork swimming in it’s own gravy.
Slow cook the pork butt shoulder for hours on end in it’s own deliciousness, then when it falls apart, throw it into a pan and roast it until it crisps up on the outside. Reduce the juices and make a gravy out of it – divine.  And lets not forget the carraway seeds that are in here!! Those are what really give it a great flavor.

And her sweet and sour red cabbage. Wonderful to eat all alone, but the REAL way to down this colorful veggie it with a little bit of pork, a little piece of dumpling and this on top – all in one bite.

It’s a mouthful – but it’s a God-ly experience.

And then of course for dessert there is always a yummy baked good of one sort or another. This evening’s selection was a homedone jelly roll with chocolate ganche.

*Excuse me while I go mop my floor, ’cause I just drooled all over it*.

I think between my uncle and I, half the plate was gone by the time we left. These are worse than Pringles! – You can’t pop just one.

If you tink these are great looking, you should see what Babi does around Christmas time. Your blood sugar will spike when you walk through the door, Yum!

And this is the woman who’s cooking I’m raving about. My Grandma Babi. There is no way to get around loving her.
She’s got sass, attitude, a thick Czech accent and enough love to spread around to everyone she meets.
I love listening to her talk and tell her stories, because each one is told with such enthusiasum and cheer you can’t help but be drawn in.

She spoiled me when I was little, and she spoils me still. But she’s a Grandma – it all goes with the job description, right?!

It was a special evening.
My uncle Dan (or as I lovingly refered to him as Dunk all through my growing up – which apparently he dislikes? Dang!) and his new fiance Sandra were also in attendance. Her two kids Austin and Alexis were there as well.  I have never met two teenages I actually liked more!!

I do believe me and Alexis have a bond – especially because she’s a Future Coug and wants to go to Vet School, like I did (well I ended up not going to Vet route – which I severely regret – but cie la vie)  I told her whenever she wants to go on a road trip to see her boyfriend who will be going to UI next year, I’d gladly take her over as my carpool buddy. But I digress…

It was a great day with lots of good food and family. Next time, it’ll be my turn to cook – Lord only knows what I’ll come up with.