This post has been sponsored by Fruitlove. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Alarms go off at 4:30 every morning. It’s a race to get myself ready for work as I fumble around, hoping that the baby will stay asleep until 5:30. You can hear an action movie theme song playing in my head, checking the baby monitor for stirring, then applying my mascara as I sip another gulp of coffee in between.

Then it’s off to the races with a scream for “mama” and the throwing of the stuffed animals out of the crib. A quick change, a sippy cup of milk, and then inevitably crackers (by request) or a Fruitlove spoonable smoothie.

The kid loves yogurt. I love my morning smoothies that I sip slightly more relaxed as I drive into work in the mornings. Now, this is the best of both. Fruitlove spoonable smoothies have all of the yogurt and fruit the baby loves, with the smoothie texture for me, and vegetables mixed in. I feel much better starting our day with fruit, veggies, and some dairy.

I can get ready for work and start the day on the right foot, giving me just enough time to get out the door and not worry that me or Emmett are hungry. 6 am comes quickly and if all of the stars align, we will make it to school and daycare right on time.

You can find these new Fruitlove spoonable smoothies at your local Albertson’s retail stores, brand new to shelves! My mom worked for Safeway for over thirty years, so Safeway has always been part of my growing up and shopping experience. Keep these on your Safeway app shopping list and grab some the next time you’re meandering down the yogurt aisle. There are so many choices but with these Fruitlove Strawberry Banana Twirl smoothie cups, you are eliminating the difficult back and forth decision making and just grabbing something you already know you’ll love!