I may be the “Wanna Be a Country Cleaver” sort, enjoying my time in small towns with great people, but there are days when being in the city is kinda fantastic and really pretty wonderful. Especially Seattle, where coffee was reinvented and sold conveniently on every street corner,  where grunge music took hold and Doc Martens and plaid shirts have never completely left.

And this weekend was one of those weekends. It’s the Bite of Seattle, so what better way to tour all the city has to offer than through food? Beka and I trudged into the big city open to the possibilities, and with empty stomaches we knew would soon be over stuffed.

To start off the culinary adventure, we began with the ten dollar contribution to the Food Lifeline, benefiting the food relief organization. It’s a great way to help give back to the community, even in a small way. Tom Douglas, one of Seattle greatest and most well known resaurateurs led the charge to promote this cause.

Lots of little noshes all to promote a good cause – consider this a win.

And what is good food without some good drink?

Featured amongst many beer gardens was a great wine garden with some local and not so local wineries. Beka and I found the best one to be Bear Flag. Based out of Modesto, they had the best wine there, hands down. They featured sweet and palate neutral whites you could drink all day, or complex reds you could just swim in until the bottle ran dry.
Look at all the color and creativity that went into their custom designed label alone? Made by a graffiti artist from Spain, each one was a seperate work of art! 
For an 8 dollar, superb bottle of wine – it would be a great house warming gift for a friend, or just something fun to try. Cause don’t act like you’re not someone who doesn’t buy a bottle based on the label design – I know I do!! 
It was a great time with my bestie. Some good food, good laughs and good wine. 
Plenty more of our adventures will be posted tomorrow. That is, if you wanna know anything about Nutella shots by tattooed men and Alligators on a Stick…
C’mon back y’all, ya hear?!