At some point in your life, when you are a couple progressing in a relationship, you have to do the unthinkable…

You have to be uncomfortable, vulnerable, be judged and stand there and take it.

You have to,


Have engagement photos taken!

*insert big ginormous smiley face here*

Ben and I got engaged on Christmas last year and slowly but surely we’re planning our wedding and striking things off of the dreaded and intimidating “To-Do” list. Geez, there is a lot of pomp and circumstance that goes into wedding planning. But having our photos done – has been the highlight of this adventure.

Let me rephrase that – getting engaged to the man of my dreams, who makes me laugh at the most inopportune of times, who I can’t stay mad at for any longer than ten minutes and who can drop one quote from The Office and I’m a rib-aching mess of giggles has been the highlight of this adventure – but the photos have been the funnest part of planning the wedding.

We savvy now? Good.

Last Friday we got our photos taken by the utterly adorable and creative Charis of Chalk Ballerina Photography. One look at her with her big doe-eyes and short shaggy pixie cut – I thought she was a Cupie Doll reincarnate. I feel in heart with her zest and sense of humor. And now I’m crushed I didn’t know her sooner and hire her for our wedding.

We (read: I) stumbled onto her through LivingSocial where I figured it was a good idea for Ben and I to take a trial engagment photo session since he has professed over and over again to HATING having his photo taken. I’ve seen his senior photos from high school – his message was well received. But for $80 it was worth a test run, just to see how bad it could really be…

These are the results.

Best. $80. EVER. Spent.

And my hunny looks mighty fine. Not that I’m not biased or anything…