Ben had just left from a weekend with me in Seattle, and in the 4 1/2 hours from the time he left until the time that the “Honey, I’m home in Pullman” phone call, I jumped on my computer determined to pass the time. In those four plus hours, my fingers flew and this here little blog was created.

When I finally got to talk to Ben that night, I sheepishly admitted that I created a blog. Waiting with bated breath for the imaginary eye-roll I was receiving from my hunny over the phone he (smartly) replie, “That’s great hun, I’m sure it’ll be fun”. Good man, huh?
Over this last year, I have been so fortunate as to meet some of the most wonderful people, who tune in to read about the foibles, trials and tribulations I experience, all while trying to maintain my “country” attitude here in Seattle. Everyone who reads and laughs with (read: at) me along the way has made this a wonderful experience I hope to continue for the long haul. Yup – you’re all stuck with me, better get used to it.
In honor of Wanna Be A Country Cleaver’s one year anniversary, I wanted to show my appreciation to y’all by giving away a little something made by myself. 
We all know I’m a cupcake nerd – so what better way to let my freak flag fly than by giving away 3 (yup, three) sets of cupcake wrappers and toppers made by me.  Sorry, I only have pictures of two of the three right now, but I’ll fill you all in on the last one later today. 

I felt inspired by spring to create a set with butterflies. How can you not be cheered up by these?

I’m dyin’ here!

And a little argyle never hurt anyone. Perfect for the preppy little dude in your life. 
So – here’s the fun part. The giveaway starts today and will run until Friday (May 6th). 
To Enter:
~Follow me here on WBACC. Leave a comment telling me which set of wrappers you want to win!
~ Find WBACC on Facebook and “Like” Me. And leave a comment telling me which set of wrappers you want to win!
~ Follow WBACC on Twitter. And tweet at me telling me which set of wrappers you want to win – are you seeing a pattern here?
~ And lastly, post a status update to your friends on Twitter or Facebook tell them about the giveaway!
And don’t worry, if you already follow the blog, like the blog or stalk the blog – you’re entered to win. 
Thanks again everyone, this blog has been an unbelievable adventure and learning experience. Thanks for all the laughs and support. You all rock!