Country Cleaver Giveaway Numero Uno!!

 It’s not such a much by any stretch of the imagination, but I want to connect with the people that read this here little blog.

I want to know what makes you tick, what revs your engine in your kitchen.  Every cook has something they can’t live without, and I wanna know what it is.  Is it that cheese grater that’s been with you from the dawn of time, or the garlic press passed down by Grandma. Or is it some space aged invention that has completely revolutionized your cooking experience?

Tell me, my gossipy girly fishwife of a self needs to know!

So, on the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver Facebook page, this very question of “What’s your kitchen Must Have?” has been posed. Each person that responds is automatically entered to win a Warm and Fuzzy Food Basket prepared by yours truely.

The basket will include…Jar of Bourbon Apple Butter, a Jar of Ready to Make Bean Soup, and a Jar of Ready to Make Cranberry Biscotti.

It’s fall and before we know it – winter, you need warm and fuzzy things in your tummy!!

Can’t wait to hear your responses! And good luck!

PS – Just in case you don’t have the magnet of life and time known as Facebook, just leave a comment here and I will make sure you are also entered.