How to Cook In Cast Iron

choose the right Pan

Do you want cast iron, or enameled cast iron? Traditional requires seasoning. Enameled is less fussy!


Skillet or Dutch Oven

Skillets will replace all your standard cookware. Dutch Ovens are great for stove top or oven - and baking bread!


Spend Wisely

Lodge is economical and great for beginners. Le Creuset and Staub are definitely $$ but worth it!  I have them all, and don't have a favorite!


Heat Them Up Slow to Start

Cast Iron can get too hot too fast, so heat it up slow to start so you can gauge how much heat you need. 


Keep Them Clean and Seasoned

Clean and season you pans after every use so they last forever! And they WILL! Best kitchen investment ever!


How to Clean You Pan

Soap or no soap? Chain mail or scrub brush? Learn all my tricks by clicking the link for step by step instructions!


Cook Good Food

77 Recipes for cast iron fans from 1 pan wonders, desserts, baking, steaks and more!