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Ingredients for  Beecher's Mac and Cheese

-Butter -Penne Pasta -Flour -Milk -Beecher's Flagship Cheese -Beecher's Just Jack Cheese -Kosher Salt -Chili Powder -Garlic Powder

The Ingredients

Listed on Oprah's Favorite Things - and for a very good reason!

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What's a bechamel?

Can I substitute the cheese?

What makes this special is the sharp and crumbly texture. Ask your cheesemonger if you can't find Beecher's.

Making the bechamel is the first step in the cheese sauce, melting together the butter and flour to form a light roux, and then adding in the milk to create the bechamel.  Adding in the Beecher's cheese creates the cheese sauce for your mac and cheese.

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