It’s about that time, for another Giveaway!! 
I haven’t done one of these in a while, and since I love ya so – I wanted to show my appreciation. 
Now, I love my wine. It’s not to say I’m an alki by any stretch of the imagination, heck it takes me weeks to get through even one bottle – and this little doo-hickey makes sure that my wine is good to the last drop.  Cause really there’s nothing worse than a stale, oxidized bottle of wine. I’ll pass. 
So, here it is a Houdini Wine Preserver. 
I got one a couple Christmas’ ago from my step-mom, and it’s so completely wonderful that I got one for my mother and for Ms. Kandace for Christmas this last year. None of us have more than a glass at a time, so we needed some way to ensure it remained as tasty on the last day as it did the first. They’re a big hit!
Here’s Mr. Houdini! There are two stoppers included, and one plunger. Additional stoppers are available as well, but two is a good start. 
But as a note, these are only to be used for wine – no champagnes or beers. Since it sucks all of the air out, it’ll pull the carbonation out of the drink as well. 
To enter this here giveaway – 
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For each place you follow me, like me, or chirp at me, you’ll be entered to win! That’s three entries! Leave a comment here at the bottom of the page telling me what ‘cha did.
Hurry and enter though – Cause this will be closing next Saturday the 26th!! 
If you already follow me, like me, or chirp at me – just leave me a comment telling me. 
Hope you can get some good use out of this bad boy!
Good luck ~Megan