Hi All!! Just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that I’m having a giveaway this week!

Earlier this week I posted about the glories of this little Houdini Wine Preserver I have. Oh Em Gee, how do I love this baby. There is no way I can down a whole bottle of wine at a time (or I could but it would be highly regrettable the next day), and the worse thing ever is an oxidized and stale bottle opened again two weeks later when you decide to break out the old stuff…

But, after I received this as a gift I had to pass the same gift on to others. And here I come to my point – I swear I have one – I’m giving one away to YOU!!

This is a small blog, just something fun to write and connect with others over the things I love, primarily cooking and stuffing my face, and since I’m giving away a Houdini, apparently I love wine drinking. (*NOTE* – I’m not an alki, I swear.) And for the people who choose to use their precious daylight hours delving into my crazy/wonderful life, I wanted to give this away to thank you.


So here’s how to enter! 
Find me on Facebook at the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver page, and “Like” me. 
Find me on Twitter at @CountryCleaver and follow me there. Send me a tweet telling me so!
And last but not least, follow me right here on my blog by signing up under the Google Friend Connect tab on the left side of the page!
But since I’m so awesome (insert a Barney Stinson “Awesome” Catch phrase here), I’m going to give you all another way to enter!
Tell your friends about me! On Facebook hyperlink the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver page to one of your Status updates and I’ll enter you all over again to win! Go to the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver facebook page, like it and then post a status update on your Facebook by typing the “At” symbol (@) followed directly by Wanna Be A Country Cleaver telling your friends to enter also! Easy peasy. 
There are now FOUR ways to enter, how awesome? Gawd, don’t you just love the world wide web? 

Thank you again everyone for your time reading here. It is so wonderful to meet new people who share the same joys, daily foibles and can laugh at the same curveballs we get thrown in the kitchen and day to day.

You. All. ROCK!