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Moments are everywhere and it’s important to celebrate the little ones as much as the big ones. In the Cleaver house hold we have some big celebrations coming up – with Ben graduating from nursing school next month! But the little celebrations are just as special to me. In the last three years of him being back at school, there have been late nights, early mornings, long hours and moments we can’t sit down and form coherent thoughts because we are so wiped out from the constant go and movement of our lives. But even in those stolen moments we can still sit down over a meal, open up a bottle of bubbles, and spend some quiet time together.


My go-to way to create moments in our lives is through food. It’s what I know, and baking for the people I love is what makes me happy.  We celebrate life’s moments in other ways, too. After a long day at work, and after arriving home to a happy puppy, Huck, and Ben, the three of us always head out on our after-work walk. Huck loves to smell all the fresh spring grasses and Ben and I get to catch up on the day, sharing the YouTube videos he’s watched in between chapters of his nursing school studying, and me recounting that the President’s plane had landed at work today, and I saw him take off in his helicopters. Whether it’s big news, small moments or just walking with my two favorite people (or puppy) on Earth, it’s these moments that make my life something special. Every moment through our day can be a life moment, and some of my favorites are the ones spent with my little family. Cooking and baking for my family is my favorite way to create those moments, but there are so many ways to create extraordinary moments with those you love. IMG_2680

My favorite way to celebrate is to use seasonal ingredients that coordinate with my serving set. Dixie Ultra Moments® Tableware helps create those moments with those you love, and celebrate the big and little moments in life with color coordinated plates, napkins and serve-ware that aren’t just vibrant and colorful, but durable and able to withstand the food of big celebrations, but the snacks of smaller moments.  With these Dixie Ultra Moments® 8-sided, Soak Proof Shield® plates, you can party on and they will hold up to any food you celebrate with. Celebrate with Style and Strength™. IMG_2685Take those moments of your life and don’t let them pass you by. Every moment can be a life moment. Celebrate with a smile, something sweet and something fun to sip. What moment will you be celebrating next? IMG_2693

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