The winner of the ATK American Classics cookbook is Mary Beth!
Mary Beth, contact me at [email protected]

Time has gotten away from me. Where did it go? Why is time so fleeting? Why won’t that swirl in my hair just go away?!

These questions are probably best left unanswered. 
Kind of like, “Mmmm, what’s in this?” when you’re trying a new food for the first time.
Odds are, you don’t want to know. 
Normally, I would have a recipe to go with a giveaway or some other prolific point to my post. Today it just wasn’t meant to be. 
Earlier today I finished my write up for the America’s Test Kitchen Dinner Party I hosted last week, you know the one that had the fabulous homemade ricotta? A glass of wine was definitely needed and by the end, deserved. My final write up with be on the ATK Feed page on Tuesday!

Next I turned to a recipe from Comfortably Domestic featuring homemade Butterfingers made from candy corn. Sounded easy enough, three ingredients – done. Now, the Butterfingers are chilling, but not yet chocolate dipped. 

The pumpkin seeds Ben reserved for me to make pumpkin seed brittle turned and had to be tossed and my chantrelle mushroom tart will have to wait until tomorrow.
Oh, how I long and ache for this tart. Buttery chantrelles, caramelized onions and cracked eggs on top. Words escape me. Convenient for a blogger to be left speechless, but I am so because there are no words I could use to accurately describe my affinity for this tart.  You cant read about it here – but I will be remaking it tomorrow so that I can show you how beautiful it actually is. 
Taking photos at 8pm at night with atrocious lighting is never a good idea, and somedays there is no amount of photo editing that will compensate for it. 
Just trust me on this one, it is much better than it appears.
And lastly, Ben bought me my birthday gift today! Bless his heart and all he puts up with. He wanted to get me a new camera lens for my birthday but waited so that I could pick out just the right one. 
A new 50mm f/1.8 is where it is at! It’s a beauty. 
We even put it to work today on a couple of pupper pictures. In’t he gooby?
Aww, he ruvs his mama.
But you probably don’t care so much about all of this craziness as the free stuff that I’m tossing your way.
Hooray, free stuff!! 
So here it is, the ATK American Classics book for lucky fan! 
I just want to say thank you to everyone for their overwhelming support and for keeping up with me through all 278 rambling posts. Whew, that’s a lot of blatherin’. 
To enter:
Leave a comment telling me your favorite TV Chef.
Do you heart Rachel Ray, fall head over heels for Alton Brown, or does Morimoto make you swoon?
For additional Entries:
~Follow me on Google Friends, leave me a comment telling me you did.
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This entry will run until next Friday, November 11th.
Good luck, and again – Thank you!
*Obligatory Note* This book was purchased by me, because I heart ATK and don’t mind telling you so. The winner will be notified and will have 48 hours to claim the book, or else I’ll choose a new winner. All contest winners are chosen through Random.org