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Next month marks five years of Country Cleaver. FIVE YEARS! That’s a kindergartener, people!

And can you believe how much has happened in that time?

I made my first recipe, Beer Cheddar Bread, and thought uber close up photos under florescent lighting was where it was at. You’ve seen my love of the Palouse in photographs from the small towns to Ben’s family farm. And you have also followed me through my wedding to Ben from start to finish.

Then there is all the travel adventures in between from one coast to another and everywhere in between from Wyoming, to Idaho and Texas to name a few!

Are you tired yet? I am, but also reinvigorated! So today, I want to hear from YOU – about what you think of Country Cleaver and everything that has happened so far. What do you love, hate, want to change or stay the same? Fill out the Reader Survey let me know!

To sweeten the deal, I’m even throwing in a $50 gift card to Williams Sonoma for one of you!

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I honestly couldn’t be here, five years later, without you – your continuous support, love and patience as I figure out this country life in the big city. Thank you for giving me an outlet, a place to call home when all we dream of is the country, where I live out my dreams in an apartment kitchen, with a trusty husband and Huck by my side. What do you say to another five years? *crickets* Ya sure? Because I have some good stuff coming up and I hope you’ll be here to ride along on this adventure!

The survey takes mere minutes and will get you entered to win a $50 gift card, so be sure to take a hot minute out of your day to Fill out the Reader Survey.  And again, THANK YOU!