I woke up this morning, shuffling to my computer and opening up all of the e-mail, blog related and social media sites that rule my digital life and found 150 fans on Wanna Be A Country Cleaver facebook page. What a great way to start the day! 150 people actually tune into (read: check in to see if I’ve made a fool of myself and laugh at me) this here little blog and share some of their time with me and my daily foibles of living life in the big bad city, and trying to remain as simple and “country-fied” as I can (read: I’m still a total city girl longing for life back in the country).

But as a big thanks to you all, with a kindly pat on the back, I’m doing a surprise giveaway! Yay for free stuff!

Recently you may have passed through and noticed that Cost Plus World Market is my new Target. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Target, but World Market is Target’s furniture, home, art and kitchen sections on crack, or whatever addictive other drug you can think of. I just can’t take it!

Back to my original point – ’cause I know you just wanna see what I’m giving away. Well, it’s this.
A bright orange 12″ oval casserole dish from World Market. 

It was this, or the teal one. If it were teal, it might never leave the house, since teal and brown rule the color scheme. 
To Enter:
~Follow me here on WBACC by going down to the Google Followers tab and signing up.
~ Fine WBACC on Facebook and “Like” Me. (Please, like me. *sniff*)
~ Follow WBACC on Twitter
~ And lastly, post a status update to your friends on Twitter or Facebook tell them about the giveaway!
(Just type the “@” followed directly by “Wanna Be A Country Cleaver” to create a hyperlink in your status on Facebook. Or tweet about WBACC at “@CountryCleaver”!)
And don’t worry, if you already follow the blog, like the blog or stalk the blog – you’re entered to win. 
Thanks again everyone, this blog has been a great adventure and learning experience. Thanks for all the laughs and support. You all rock!

PS – You’ve got one week – so make this time count! The giveaway ends next Wednesday, April 6th! Get crackin’!