With all the hectic stuff that’s been going on and with the holidays pending, my writing has taken a backseat and my stress has reached an all time high level. I’m simply put – exhausted.

But that changed when I went to my mailbox today and got a notice that a package had arrive….and low and behold!

It was the 100 Facebook Fan Giveaway Prize!!

Now I love my Le Creuset, what little Le Creuset I have. It just makes me feel like I’m somebody cool, or ya know and Actual cook?

Now that the little brown Bed Bath and Beyond shipping box is here, I am filled with joy to be able to pass this little gift on to you. So hurry up and “Like” Country Cleaver on Facebook would ya? I’m dying to give this to somebody!! It’s the holiday season and I’m feeling “give-y”!

Seeing as this caribbean/teal and brown colors have taken over my apartment, I picked out the same color to give away. 
And “Caribbean”, hello sunny warm weather. Just saying it out loud whisks me away to a place with sun, surf and drinks with little umbrellas. Sigh…
With 9 fans remaining until we reach 100 fans, you better get crackin’! 
Here’s the link, enter (“like”) away. 
Good luck.