The Facebook page for Country Cleaver has been a success so far. I’m at 77 fans, and although MOST of them are still people I already know, I find it very encouraging that I have readers! Well, let me rephrase that…
Yay, I have people who like my little musings enough to click a simple “Like” button on Facebook enough to get updates on what I’ve rambled on and on about and probably don’t want to hurt my feelings so they do it out of obligation – but you know whatever, I’ll roll with it!
I hope that this sarcasm is translating better than it reads… If you don’t laugh with me and at me you’re just taking life to seriously.  I make more fun of myself than anyone ever should – so you better be laughing. 
Either way – with 77 fans and growing I wanted to do something to say Thanks!
It means another giveaway. For every person that goes to the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver Facebook page, and “Likes” the page – you’re entered to win!
If you already “Like” the page, leave a comment telling me you want in. Or, to make this a stiff competition boast about it on your own facebook page!  If you type into your wall comments section “@ Wanna Be A Country Cleaver” it will come up with a link to the Facebook page. Click on it to cement it in there. If your friends click the link and stop by the site and leave a comment, you are BOTH entered to win.
When the Facebook page hits 100 fans – someone will be randomly selected to win a prize. Now I don’t want to give the prize away – but I will tell you…
It’s Le Creuset!!
It maybe not be on par with Pioneer Woman’s Enameled Dutch Ovens’ or anything like that. Heck, I don’t even have one, but it will be Le Creuset none the less. 
So, visit Wanna Be A Country Cleaver on Facebook, Like it and you will be entered to win!